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Human Resources

HSS is a specialist in Human Resources recruitment

As the world of work continues to change at a rapid place, so too is the role of Human Resources. In addition to more traditional HR responsibilities such as hiring, onboarding, remuneration and training, organisations are increasingly looking to them to provide strategic guidance on how to optimise employer brand, staff engagement and productivity.

Hire quickly from a qualified talent pool

HSS has an extensive pool of specialist human resources talent means we are able to quickly find the right person for your next role. Our candidates are not only adept at learning new technology quickly, but have the adaptability and continuous improvement mindset to improve current processes.

Expert advice on hiring trends

Our consultants have specialist market knowledge of human resources salaries, job titles and hiring trends to ensure you attract and retain the best talent at the appropriate remuneration. 

We specialise in the following Human Resources roles

  • HR Business Partner/ Consultant

  • HR Manager/ Director/ GM

  • Advisor/ Specialist

  • HR Coordinator

  • Learning Consultant

  • Learning Manager

  • Instructional Designer

  • OD Consultant

  • WHS

  • Employee Wellbeing

  • Remuneration & Reward

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