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Frequently Asked Questions

What tickets do I need?

For all types of trade work you will need to hold a certificate in your relevant occupation and the below tickets:

  • Enter and work in confined spaces (RIIWHS202D)

  • Working at Heights (RIIWHS204D)

  • Gas Test Atmosphere (MSMWHS217)

  • Demonstrate First Attack Firefighting Equipment (CPPFES2005A)

  • Police Clearance​​

Need to book in for a course? Contact us on 08 9305 5006.

How do I apply?

  • You can apply to work with us via our job postings on SEEK, Indeed, LinkedIn or our website.

  • Where and when do I complete my drug and alcohol screen?

  • You will need to complete a drug and alcohol screen at Western Diagnostics within 28 days of your start date. Your recruiter will notify you when this needs to be completed. To see a list of locations click here.


Do I need to fill out a timesheet?

  • Depending on the client you are working for, you may need to complete a timesheet. Your recruiter will let you know if this is the case. To download a timesheet click here.

What is your pay cycle?

  • Depending on the client you are working for, your pay cycle will be weekly or fortnightly. Please ask your recruiter.

"Referral Program - What Is It"

  • As an employee of HSS, every mate you refer could be worth a $100 pre-paid visa and enter you both in to the monthly prize draw to win one of up-to 3 prizes, each worth up-to $500. Terms apply, see below.

"Referral Program - How To"

  • All employees of HSS are provided with a unique code and link which they can share with their mates to start the referral process, if you're an employee and don't have a code or link, please let your recruiter know ASAP.

  • We've done it this way so that the personal information provided during the referral process is provided by the person themselves, rather than asking for a bunch of names and numbers, which would be a breach of privacy.

“Referral Program – Rewards Available”

  • Reward A: $100 pre-paid visa card.

  • Reward B: Monthly prize draw to win one of up-to 3 prizes, each worth up-to $500.

"Referral Program - Terms & Conditions"

  • To be able to refer someone for reward, you must be an official employee of HSS,

  • All referrals must use the form here. 

  • Using an official code, or via the link provided to each employee by us.

  • Each person who is refereed must register, interview and be made employee within a reasonable time to be classed as a "Successful Referral".

  • Each "Successful Referral" enters both the “Referee” and the "Successful Referral" (yep both of you) into the monthly prize draw “Reward B” regardless of any work completed.

  • Each "Successful Referral" can only have “Reward A” and/or “Reward B” paid out ONCE.

  • There is no limit to the number unique "Successful Referral" per “Referee”, we encourage you to refer as many mates as you can.

  • “Reward A” will be paid following the first instance where the "Successful Referral" actually goes out to work for us, they must complete this work and not be demobilised for any reason which is deemed to be not the fault of us or our client.

  • “Reward B” will be drawn by our director at our office, monthly, by a literal names-in-a-hat routine to keep it fair.

  • Where there are 25+ names, 3 prizes will be drawn. Where there are less than 25 names, 2 prizes will be drawn. Where there are less than 10 names, 1 prize will be available, where there are less than 5 names, the draw will be postponed to the following month.

  • “Reward A” and “Reward B” will be processed at the same time and we endeavour to complete and communicate this by the 15th of each calendar month.

  • All other standard terms and conditions of mobilisation and employment still apply.

Have a question we didn't answer? 

Please contact us via or call (08) 9305 5006.

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